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Homecare is an excellent alternative to long term care placement. By using one of our caregivers, you or your loved one, will be able to receive assistance with activities of daily living while remaining in the comfort of your home.
We provide client centered care to better meet the individual needs of each client.
  1. Companionship
    With our busy schedules, sometimes it can be hard for one to be there as often as they would like to be, for their aging parent or spouse. Using a caregiver to fill-in on occasion can be a great tool.
  2. Meal Preparation
    Meal Preparation
    Our caregivers can come in and help prepare meals for your loved one. Let us assist with preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner! And for those who may need a little more help, assisting with feeding would be our pleasure!
  3. Reminders
    Dementia, Alzheimer's and poor memory can affect some of our elderly. One of our caregivers can assist with friendly reminders that your loved one should be taking their medications at the designated times.
  4. Rehabilitation
    We are here to assist more than just the elderly. Having surgery can leave one with a temporary decrease in mobility. We can provide you with the extra assistance you may need during your rehabilitation process.
What is caregiver overload????​

Generally the immediate family is the primary option when it comes to providing care for an elderly or disabled family member or spouse. Lifting, bathing, feeding and cooking for themselves as well as for their loved one, can take a toll on the physical and emotional well-being of the caregiver. If not properly relieved, caregivers can face a variation of physical and emotional demands that can lead to caregiver overload.

Physical tasks can be wearying when combined with other demands such as work and caring for young children. These tasks can be especially difficult, if the primary caregiver is also elderly and or has a debility.

Caring for a person that cannot remember you, or has a hard time following directions or has a hard time communicating their needs, can be emotionally draining. Dealing with behavioral issues, such as hitting, yelling, or biting may cause the caregiver to feel frustrated, resentful or angry towards their loved one, if they do not get the proper relief.
      Signs of caregiver overload:
    crying more than usual
            increased frustration, anger  or irritation over small things
               inability to balance out the different needs in your life
                injury to self while trying to transfer your loved one
               feelings of  sadness, hopelessness or moodiness
           feeling like you have no time to yourself anymore​
          losing interest in friends and hobbies
    anger or resentment towards the person you are caring for
   skin breakdown due to decreased ability to transfer or reposition

I​f these signs are more of the rule, rather than the exception, then it's time to take action! You have to take care of YOU as well. Sometimes caring for someone with a debility, is too much for one person to handle. Selecting one of our caregivers, can be the in-home support option that you need. We can provide you with that much needed short break. You can use that time to refresh and reenergize yourself. Whether it be a few hours a day or around the clock, a caregiver may be just what you are looking for to fit your needs.

Caregiver Overload


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